Thursday, February 2, 2006

latest recipients of the best woman driver awards


I'm trying to imagine the logistics of actually FIXING this situation...

What you see here is the detached end of a gas hose...

She's wearing the helmet backwards!

DOH! This one makes me feel better about once hitting a gas pump. I was a brand new driver (yes I am a woman) and had just gotten a "new" car. My first car was a beatup chevy vega that barely sat 2 comfortably. My dad purchased it for like $50 six years earlier for my sister. It barely ran and had so many leaks it almost caught on fire once from a leaking gas line (luckily we caught it when inspecting the engine sparks). I had to dump a quart of oil a week in it and the gas mileage was horrible - 9 miles to the gallon. It broke down almost as much as it ran and all my friends would see me at school or work and say things like "oh we saw you last night walking down [misc. desolate highway]." How I wish I'd had the luxury of a cell phone then! After a year, I upgraded to the pimp-like Mercury Monarch and could barely manage sailing it down the road. The first time I had to fill up, I banged into the pump! Luckily I only damaged the car (and my ego) but nothing else. This picture made me feel better about that embarrassing incident!

Well, maybe s/he was on a call which required a controlled drive through wet concrete, who knows!