Monday, May 2, 2005

Ventings from my Spleen

This is an honest-to-goodness phone conversation I had when calling a
dealership about a car:

me "Hi, do you still have the 1998 volvo station wagon with 91K miles on
your lot?"

guy "I'm the sales manager. Hold on, I will check."

... 5 minutes later...

guy "nope I guess that's been sold. It's not on the lot."

me "It's been sold for sure or is that a guess?"

guy "well I just went out into the parking lot and I don't see it so I
guess it's been sold."

me "Don't you have a database or something that you can check more

guy "Oh yeah, good idea. Hold on a minute."

... 5 minutes later...

guy "yep! You were right! I found it, someone just parked it somewhere
else! It's here if you want to see it."


Ok, I know I don't run a dealership but shouldn't the sales manager know
better than me where to look for the car???? AGGGHHH!