Saturday, June 17, 2006

high-heeled car and other interesting photos

Is this even real?

This has to be photoshopped but cracks me up anyway.

Looks like someone didn't have a smooth breakup.

No way. If this isn't photoshopped, where in the world was this taken?

I wonder who's backyard this was... and how long it was before they ventured out into it again.

Alright, bite the hand that feeds you, then.

Amazing that the body can bend like this.

Golf game's over!

This should be (if it isn't already) on that cute website where you shrivel up and implode due to cuteness overload.

I almost got into an accident once driving down the freeway when I saw the meowmix mobile and my head (and then almost my car) spun into a 360. I cannot imagine seeing this on the road!