Thursday, June 22, 2006

Overheard in New York

I just found this hilarious site, - check out this conversation:

Woman #1: Ma'am, could you please move your bag so I could sit down?
Woman #2: No, can't you see I'm busy, bitch? And I'm not movin this fuckin' thing. It's heavy and I don't want to pick it up again! Sit somewhere else.

(She goes back to reading Jesus and Mary: The Key to Divine Love and Inner Peace.)

--149th St station downtown platform


Tourist: Is this the way to the subway?
Guard: No. You need to go west of 49th.
Tourist: Can I go down there anyway?
Guard: No. There's a special event.
Tourist: Please? We're from California.
Guard: No. Welcome to New York.

--Rockefeller Center